Natural Gas Vehicles

Natural Gas Vehicles

CNG Vehicles for a Cheaper Commute

With the economy still on the rebound from one of the worst economic slumps we have seen in decades, many Utah families are looking for ways to save their budget from the ever rising cost of energy. Unfortunately for many of us, our very means of providing and income depends on the use of our cars and trucks. As a result we are helplessly subject to the always rising cost of gas. If you are tired of increasing your fuel budget every month, there is something you can do to save your budget and put your money to better use. But converting your vehicles to compressed natural gas, your family can save hundreds of dollars every month.

What is CNG?

Compressed natural gas (CNG) is a fossil fuel substitute for gasoline (petrol), diesel, or propane/LPG. Although its combustion does produce greenhouse gases, CNG is a more environmentally clean alternative to those fuels, and it is much safer than other fuels in the event of a spill. As more and more Utah drivers are learning of the benefits of CNG in their vehicles, Utah air is becoming cleaner making Utah a better place to live.

Advantages of CNG

CNG fuels are for sale for as low as $0.69 a gallon, Compressed Natural Gas is one of the lowest cost and environment friendly alternative fuels available. More than 8 million cars and trucks in the world are driving on CNG. Natural gas is one of the cleanest, safest, and most useful forms of energy. It represents about 25 percent of all primary energy used in the United States. Natural gas is a mixture of hydrocarbons, primarily methane. It has the highest hydrogen-to-carbon ratio of any hydrocarbon, and, therefore, produces less greenhouse gases and particulate matter. The fact that natural gas is combustible and burns cleaner than all other hydrocarbons helps reinforce its position as one of the most highly used energy sources. Think what an increase of CNG vehicles can do for our Utah air!

CNG Conversion Kits for Cars and Trucks for Sale

Our team at Auto Source Motors of Utah, in association with our sister company Go Natural CNG, can convert the most popular Ford and General Motors vehicles to run on compressed natural gas using our industry leading CNG kits we have for sale. As you look over the different models of cars and trucks below, please note we have CNG kits for sale that will also apply for their companion model vehicles within their respective manufacturer. Once you select a specific model you will be able to view the components of our industry leading conversion kit and the available tank configurations.

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